Building a streak #3

“Write everyday” is Godin’s third element of constructing a “streak” of productive daily practice. In a sense, I can say I adhere to this, for there isn’t a day I don’t raise pen or tap keys. But I can be wayward. Take yesterday. I rose late after insomnia and attended to another vital part of life, rushing to the gym, where I supplemented regular upper body weights work (none too ambitious) with glute/hamstring strengthening exercises set out by my physio. A couple of chores … a movie review … emails … taking notes on a Victorian parliamentary nuclear inquiry … suddenly my weary head couldn’t tackle the story of the Sodium Graphite design as planned. I get it, Seth Godin, I get it: I should have done the last thing first, or found some other way to get to that sodium thingy, because it was the only writing that really counted on that Monday.

So “write everyday” doesn’t mean pen ten words on something pointless. I write everyday on what moves the real work forward. That’s the spirit, that’s the streak.

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