Hard reset

Computers and tablets seem to have two methods of rebooting. You can do a soft reset, a quick and easy clearing out of memory, or you can do a hard reset, shutting the whole shebang down and beginning anew.

That’s what I resolve to do now. This chaotic, pandemic-blighted year has not affected me as severely as many (and when I say “affected,” I’m referring to the bulk of us not plunged into illness or even death), but I must confess that I have partly lost my way. I’m working, yes, but it’s a lurching, unplanned flailing. I haven’t been journaling or blogging regularly, both of which settle me out of stress. I’m attending to my Read Listen Watch reviewing, but that is a symptom of reading, listening, or watching too damned much. I’ve kept up exercising, but that too is unfocused, and I’m five kilograms overweight.

Let’s do a hard reset, okay?

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