Not an activist

Dreaming up the second half of my sixties, I yearned to throw my hat into the ring of climate action. I got arrested eighteen months ago on the streets during what was probably Extinction Rebellion’s most effective week yet in Melbourne. But now all I’m doing is reading climate action words from a billionaire, admittedly a very readable and usefully analytical book.

What happened? Firstly, Covid-19. The pandemic has, unfortunately, played into the hands of those preying on us with delaying tactics. Sure, there’s been much said about a green bounceback from Covid but it’s hard to see from where I am. The second factor was personal and none too gratifying. I spent a year helping organize a local XR group but I found it unrewarding: just not what I like to do (although such action does line up with some of my skills) and keeping me from writing. I’ve dropped out of that group. The final contributory factor to inaction was somewhat shameful: fear. Getting arrested exhilarated me on one level (I was doing something at long last!) but also left me troubled (I’m no law breaker).

I need to surmount that fear and take XR action again. Hopefully XR Australia mounts some major disruptive activities in the spring. Hopefully I’ll snap back into a real contribution, not just reading.

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