This is a poor photo from our balcony and the point of it is that was taken when the world was still dark. Lately, I’ve been sleeping in until 7 AM, enjoying warmth and ease, but the result has been short days and a feeling of despair (among many sources of negative thoughts these days). I’m now down to see a therapist to clarify why, amidst a blessed life, a little shadow has crossed my mind. And part of that process is getting an official government “plan,” a real-life document. And that “plan” has goaded me to take action I’ve sought for months, if not years.

So … up at 5 AM for the second day in a row. I did my stretches and jogged, a disappointingly short jog during which I disappointed myself by needing to walk near the end, but hey, I’m up and going, and hope blooms.

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