A window opens

A steep muddy hill, restorative rain, wintry chills … that’s what my diary foretold today. But fate intervened, scarily but, strangely enough, also hopefully. My bushwalking club put on a walk in the Dandenongs and I looked forward to struggling with walk-unfitness and hiking seventeen kilometers.

Then Covid struck one of our children’s families. Having seen the grandsons twice on the previous days, suddenly we were “social contacts” and needed to reassess all our appointments. At the last moment this morning, we pulled out of the hike.

Then that window opened. Not only is the pandemic-struck family fine, with only mild symptoms, but suddenly I had an unexpected work afternoon in front of me. Such a rare event! And, Andres, be proud of yourself for making use of those bonus hours to make real progress with Chapter 15. Yes, be proud.

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