Decaf long black

What are the foods or drinks that make you swoon with delight? I love my cappuccinos, I adore bitter dark chocolate, I find nothing as wonderful as a glass of red at Wine/5:00 o’clock. Right now, I’m off the grog (and contemplating staying off it, have you experienced the bliss of full nights of sleep?), I’m off the sweets, and I fast (Michael Mosley’s 5:2) twice a week. These steps have pulled the rug under my feet, I’ve thrown away small slices of the best of life.

But I can still have a decaf long black. This tarry brew might not have the satisfying foam and choc sprinkles of a magnificent cappuccino, my first mouthful might bring a pucker to my lips, but it’s tart and mildly caffeinated and oily and hot. A pleasure for sure.

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