When I commenced the “journey of a writer,” which I still dream of as a path to fame and fortune but can now be honest and adjudge to be an oldster’s folly … when I first set out, my notebooks were filled with wildly divergent ideas for book projects. I wasted time down a number of dead-end alleys. My most recent big-picture idea, the 15 Cranes Project, flamed out in the pandemic, and just as well, for now I’m glued to one humongous book project I must stick with. All of which means my notebook, once a field of blooming ideas, is largely a bitch-and-moan session.

Can one do both? Zero in on a project to be shipped as commercial product but also dream of amazing stories yet to be told? Maybe aye, maybe nay, but let me stay fluid and indulge in the fanciful and wondrous!

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