Gorge or cafe?

The Kimberley Ranges are remote, are difficult and time-consuming to travel through, and offer stunning mountain and gorge vistas. Of all the exquisite gorge swims we experienced, that in Emma Gorge was the sweetest. You swim in a prehistoric-looking hole in front of gentle falls, with water drops plonking upon your head from fronds suspended above.

At the other extreme, because today was the Queens Birthday Holiday, a misbegotten rest day indeed, most cafes were shut, and I ended up in the chaos of overcrowded Reunion & Co in Richmond. What a delight that turned out to be. The walls chiming with people sounds, the coffee machines singing, a sense of humanity heaving. I stayed as long as I could.

Which is preferred, the gorge or the cafe. Most people would plump for the swim. Not I. Give me the anonymity of bustle any day. That said, I recognize that I need Emma Gorge, its reminder of our beneficent Earth, to reestablish why Reunion & Co is my place.

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