Gym joy

My gym: Visions Fitness Centre. I’ve been going there seven years. Today I went early and had a tough session because I’d fasted yesterday, but, amazingly, at the end of it, I realized I thoroughly enjoyed it. Second thought: this is the first time I’ve enjoyed it, in all those years!

For seven years I was obedient. I went. I lifted and stretched and grizzled. Why am I appreciating it now and only now? I’m not really sure but I think one factor is that over the past few months, I’ve tried to be a bit more regular, attending three times a week minimum. Twice a week, my usual default, doesn’t encourage any improvement, thrice weekly does. I’ve gone up one weight on most of my lifts. And after an injury, my physio gave me a few new exercises and lifts that really pulse my body.

Now, Andres, build on that new feeling. Embrace your gym!

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