The intent behind this blog was to set out some form of record of the half decade from age 65. A “slow glow” meant I was no longer smashing demons by setting tough challenges; instead I would be mainly at this desk while staying attentive to a dozen or so aspects of my life that I treasure. Glowing not glowering.

I chose a blog format that didn’t require the ubiquitous “image” atop every blog post. Words not pictures.

But something went awry in the execution. Without easy images upon which to hang posts, I posted less often. And ever less often, until I ceased altogether.

Instead I maintained a personal journal/diary, as I have for years. But that, too, somehow grew irregular, to the point of almost lapsing.

Now I realize I’ve stopped talking to myself. Journaling was a means of purging my mind of ponderings, of stopping myself from settling into old-man half-dead routines. And I’ve begun to settle mentally, to ossify, to be satisfied with half-days.

Time to journal. Maybe journaling will spur blogging. Let’s see, day by day.

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