Longing for Gluepot

Birdlife Australia Gluepot Reserve is a 50,000 hectare enclave, fenced off against fricking cats and other foreign predators, for an astonishing array of mallee birds. It’s just inside the South Australia border, north of Waikerie, and I recall my first impression driving fifty kilometers on dusty semi-desert tracks from the border gate to its lovely self-serve information center, how it seemed like a refuge from the depredations of the world. Bring your own water and camp and walk the many trails. Look for and listen for birds, that’s all you do, plus hear your own heartbeat.

In my bursting-out years, we visited Gluepot, for different periods and in different seasons, in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2015. After that, much yearning but no trip (Covid-19 didn’t help). Now we’re driving off to Waikerie on Thursday, then spending three nights camping amongst birds. Our previous stays were between June and October. Summer is viciously hot. Our early April stay will be warm and might be quiet as far as the birds go. We shall see.

The first four months of 2022 have been as stationary as I’ve had for years. Work has benefitted but I’m turning troppo, emotions akimbo, and now I can’t wait to throw off this world, abandon the devices and be far, far away from our saddening, maddening world. I hope to dream, spy, chat (we’re going with friends), tremble, and revitalise.

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