A movie to change your life

C’mon C’mon, the movie by Mike Mills that stars Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman (what a performance!), came out nine months ago. I had the privilege of seeing it in a cinema at the start of the year. I sobbed in the performance and rated it at 9/10, one of my favorite viewings of the year so far. Now it’s on platforms, so last night I watched it again on a small screen. The experience doubled the impact (i now rate it at a very rare 10/10). For one thing, subtitles help with the fast, mumbled dialogue. But more importantly. while the big screen suits the film fine, in your living room it is so, so impactful. No spoilers from me, but it’s a must-catch. Personally, it’s bringing out the worst in me (this current tendency to tears) and the best in me (a vision of higher aspiration).

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