Newsletter quandary

In a different world, I would never have commenced this nuclear book. By now I would have pumped out ten or even twenty sparkling murder mysteries set in Melbourne, in the financial services sector, over the 00s and 10s. I’d have sent out regular newsletters, maybe monthly. I would hope to have assembled fans and friends, and I’d have regularly yarned to them in my newsletters.

Instead, I now issue two newsletters a year to a static mailing list. I used to discuss possible murder mystery plots but right now there is little point. Instead all I do is issue my regular lists of Best Books, Best Movies, and Best Albums. Make no mistake, that’s fun in itself, but it feels hollow.

It’s the middle of 2022, time for a newsletter. My newsletter won’t mean much. But it’s my slender connection to a wider world. I whisper, “darling newsletter, fly and prosper!”

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