When sci-fi isn’t

I read quite a lot of sci-fi and a staple of that is the tale of a dystopia. Climate-change-related dystopian novels have rained down on us over the last few years, but here’s a twist, courtesy of this Grist article, “With the world on fire, climate fiction no longer looks like fantasy.” As an academic quoted in the article puts it, quite aptly it seems to me, “in the near…

7 in 7 weeks: The catch-up challenge

Our Melbourne pandemic lockdown will continue through September, and then in a relaxed form through October, so I’m looking for a few hardy souls to help me tackle my cultural catch-up from 2019. Four books and three films that I should have read or watched, but for various reasons didn’t. We’re talking about award winners, we’re talking accolade-heavy, we’re…

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