Gentle & Tusk

Why oh why did I ever turn to a quixotic nonfiction project to definitively narrate the stories of all the global nuclear reactors. I kid you not, it was far more fun to write of geeky Peter Gentle and hulking Mick Tusk, righting wrongs in the financial services arena, in Melbourne, in the early 00s. I dream of them. I’m certain they dream of me. I long to write them back into life. This…

How to live a life according to Challis

I recently reread Kittyhawk Down, the second in Garry Disher’s brilliant police procedural series set on the Mornington Peninsula. Listen: Challis glanced around at them one by one. ‘But I’m saying keep an open mind. That should be the first rule of police work. We gather the evidence, analyse it and follow where it leads us.’ This is very close to the mantra oft repeated…

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