A movie to change your life

C’mon C’mon, the movie by Mike Mills that stars Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman (what a performance!), came out nine months ago. I had the privilege of seeing it in a cinema at the start of the year. I sobbed in the performance and rated it at 9/10, one of my favorite viewings of the year so far. Now it’s on platforms, so last night I watched it again on a small screen. The…

Port Douglas’s small delights

Grey sky outside my window. Drizzling much of the day. Six weeks ago, I was in the mild sunny heat of Port Douglas, that tourist hellhole way up north on the Queensland coast. For the first time ever, all thirteen of our clan were together for a week: three children, three spouses, five grandchildren (aged three and under), and the two of us. I close my eyes. At the time, the week passed in a…

2020 yes

Twelve months of quiet humble joy. Forbearance. Smiles and eyes of grandchildren, just being near one’s children. Birding and living with my love. Reading day in, day out to a handful willing to listen. Grief at a friend’s death. Another book, another movie, another song to sink into. Wine and coffee and chocolate and lentils. Sweating. Blue sky of summer.

Xmas peace

The Sunday before the big day, you know, the Christmas Day. Minimalist Kris Kringles long settled … boozy parties avoided … the quiet suburban streets (everyone else is shopping) … the next five days promise to be hard-working, peaceful times. The best Xmas is nothing but the on-the-day joy of assembling with family.

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