Savoring wine

The glass of red wine as dinner hits the table. It’s special. But wine comes with its downsides: it has no health benefit (unlikely most tasty, healthy foods, where the taste buds have responded to positive evolved stimuli) and anything over 1 glass/day should really be a no-no. So I stopped and have had 45 AFDs. The thought was in my head that I’d continue. An unexpected benefit of…

Dog outside cafe

I took this photo while sitting at the bench running across the window of my cafe. An ordinary scene, mundane really. But on the second day of Covid iso, what I wouldn’t give to be back there tomorrow morning, eh? To sit enfolded by the sounds of voices, cutlery, the hiss of the coffee machine. It feels like a dream.

Decaf long black

What are the foods or drinks that make you swoon with delight? I love my cappuccinos, I adore bitter dark chocolate, I find nothing as wonderful as a glass of red at Wine/5:00 o’clock. Right now, I’m off the grog (and contemplating staying off it, have you experienced the bliss of full nights of sleep?), I’m off the sweets, and I fast (Michael Mosley’s 5:2) twice a week…

Joy and weight

I read a perceptive long article by Sam Anderson in yesterday’s New York Times (article link behind a paywall) He talks about wildly seesawing weight over the years, including snacking on chips during the Covid lockdown, and then losing tons of weight recently using the Noom app. Towards the end, he writes: “My feelings about my body form a chord of many notes, not all of which sound…

One square of chocolate

This is Hunted + Gathered Dark Organic Chocolate, Dominican Republic, 70% Cacao. It melts slowly in the mouth, is astringently bitter, yet is just sweet enough. A square of this while reading a book after dinner … bliss!

Home sweet home

Finders Keepers in Hawthorn has moved beyond its Covid-19 lockdown takeaway-only status.

Right now four tables are available, right beside the rumbling traffic. I grabbed one. Sank in. Didn’t notice the traffic. Worked. Worked well. Home.

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