Promote oneself?

Anyone involved with anything creative knows the tension of “selling” oneself and one’s wares. Some creatives are adept at marketing but most aren’t. During my three decades in the corporate sector, I acquired skills in most areas but always struggled with marketing/selling. Ostentation and pushiness are not the attributes of a geek like me. But if you do no‚Ķ

Building a streak #2

Here’s what Seth Godin posits: blog daily. He does it. In the past I have also. Lately I’ve had little to say. Or rather, in 2020 I’ve had little to say to the world. But what about to myself? The instant I wrote those five words, with their question mark, right now, I knew I’d found something to go with. For me, you see, blogging isn’t primarily about communicating‚Ķ

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