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Tomorrow it will be four-and-a-half weeks since we caught up with the two grandchildren we seem most often, only an hour’s away (compared to 900 kms from Sydney and 4,000 kms from Darwin). A Covid week, travel time, and then cold recuperation… I cannot wait.

Savoring wine

The glass of red wine as dinner hits the table. It’s special. But wine comes with its downsides: it has no health benefit (unlikely most tasty, healthy foods, where the taste buds have responded to positive evolved stimuli) and anything over 1 glass/day should really be a no-no. So I stopped and have had 45 AFDs. The thought was in my head that I’d continue. An unexpected benefit of…

A movie to change your life

C’mon C’mon, the movie by Mike Mills that stars Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Norman (what a performance!), came out nine months ago. I had the privilege of seeing it in a cinema at the start of the year. I sobbed in the performance and rated it at 9/10, one of my favorite viewings of the year so far. Now it’s on platforms, so last night I watched it again on a small screen. The…

Gorge or cafe?

The Kimberley Ranges are remote, are difficult and time-consuming to travel through, and offer stunning mountain and gorge vistas. Of all the exquisite gorge swims we experienced, that in Emma Gorge was the sweetest. You swim in a prehistoric-looking hole in front of gentle falls, with water drops plonking upon your head from fronds suspended above. At the other extreme, because today was the…

Where to be

For my first couple of decades, I barely moved beyond my suburb. Then came a period of travel mostly based around corporate work, travel in fine hotels. Finally there was a post-corporate time, the time of Big Years, when travel was an adventure. Now puzzlement bugs me. We have just returned from a demanding fortnight: a few days with kin in Darwin, much joy with a granddaughter; a full-on…


The Gouldian Finch is a wondrous bird to sight, a pert 14-centimeter bundle with squat beak, bright yellow underneath on the front, a mix of green, red, black, purple on the head and face and back, different mixes of those colors. Not easy to find unless you’re in right place and, despite having done two inland trips up the length of the great continent of Australia, we’d never found ourselves in…

Chapter change

Switching to Chapter 8. Long time no see, Chapter 8. A change of scenery also, from drab wintry Melbourne to Darwin just shy of the dry season. Grandparenting for most of the day, so only a couple of hours, Chapter 8, but that’s okay?


Sydney Airport on the way to Darwin. Granddaughter! Long bus trip to Broome. Delirious to be out of Covid iso. Vestigial carbon guilt. A break.

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